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Hi, I am Tomer Polani, PALIANI’s founder.

Memories and special moments of the loved ones were always important to me.  I used to associate such moments with objects, each one represented a special event for me.

The Story of PALIANI jewelry started in December 2013.  My father was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. The survival rates were close to zero.

It was devastating news. My father was my "emotional anchor", the first one to talk to when I was in need. My sisters (Ofir, Arielle) and I were always his first priority, and he did everything in his power to make us happy.

I was desperately looking for something special to commemorate my beloved father. Over the years, I have collected lots of memories and souvenirs from my father, but this time I was looking for something different…

Then, I saw a photo of a dad who tattooed the sound wave of his son's laugh, a lifetime memory which is always with him. It hit me – this is what I want!

I took my bulletproof vest and went to talk with my dad about the tattoo. It turned out to be a good idea to wear a bulletproof vest that day, since my father didn't like the idea of the tattoo at all. But he did like the idea of the sound waves. In a spur of the moment, my dad suggested - “make yourself a necklace out of my voice.  I will record a personal message for you, which will go with you everywhere. That way I will always be with you".

From this very special moment throughout the next two months my father and I have developed this concept that formed the basis of PALIANI Jewelry. The option to retrieve the original audio/video from the jewel itself was my father’s idea as well.

My Father is no longer alive, but his voice and message are with me everywhere I go.

I founded PALIANI Jewelry, in loving memory of my father, to help you capture precious moments & emotions and imprint them in a unique, custom made jewel, so you can cherish them and be inspired everywhere you go.

I invite you to capture your moment

Tomer Polani

11202 NW 51st Street
Coral Springs, FL 33076


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