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What is PALIANI soundwave Jewelry?

PALIANI soundwave jewelry is made of the soundwave of your treasured moment. We extract the soundwave of your audio/video moment and craft your jewel accordingly. Each jewel is unique!

You can wear your treasured moment and re-live it through your mobile phone wherever you are.

How do I order?

Choose jewel type, material and size.


How can I pay?

We accept PayPal and credit cards payments.

PALIANI Payment Methods

Are you shipping internationally?

Yes, we ship free of charge internationally.

What about taxes?

International order may be subjected to local taxes, depending on local laws.

How do I send you my moment file?

Upon checkout completion, you’ll receive a confirmation email with an UPLOAD YOUR MOMENT button per purchased jewel type.

Just click on the button, next to the jewel image, to upload your special audio or video moment to PALIANI cloud.

Your order will start processing after all moments were uploaded (e.g. in case of multiple jewelry order, all buttons were used).

Got an error message? Here’s what you need to do:

- Moment file size is limited to 40Mb. If you need to upload a larger file just contact us.

- File Format not supported. We support large variety of media formats. However, in the event that your uploaded file format is not supported, you can convert it to the following supported media files:

  • Convert video file to MP4 here.
  • Convert audio file to WAV here.

- Sorry :( something went wrong. File upload could not be completed. Please try again or contact us to send the file otherwise.

Alternatively you can contact us to send the file otherwise (email, messenger etc.). Please make sure to add your order number to any correspondence.

Help is always available at :)

How do I Re-live the Moment from the jewel?

Your personal audio/video moment can be retrieved using a QR code reader app on your phone.

We recommend using the following QR readers:

Open the QR code app on your phone:

  • Focus the camera on the PALIANI’s QR code, located on your bracelet or necklace clasp.
  • Place the camera ~20cm above the QR code. You may need to slightly adjust the height until the QR code is successfully scanned.  
  • Upon a successful scan, the QR app will present the retrieved link and you'll be asked to click on a button in order to play it.

You can visit our RETRIEVE page for further details.



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